A+A Assurance Services Ltd offers expert services for company liquidation and dissolution. Under the Maltese law, a company cannot be struck off the Registry automatically. It requires the services of a liquidator to proceed with the closing off of a company.

As part of this work,at A+A Assurance Services Ltd, we are appointed as liquidators of various companies facing dissolution. We arrange the liquidation and dissolution process together with our professional audit and accounting teams. We plan accounts and audits and issue other notifications, declarations and documents required in terms of the Companies Act, all in a timely manner. This process is done to ensure that the insolvent’s company’s assets will be distributed fairly for the benefit of its creditors.

The liquidation process starts from the closing off of the accounts up to the liquidation date. We finish all pending audits and submit them, while ensuring that all tax returns are filed. Once this process is done, a liquidator is chosen to dissolve the company and lastly struck off the registry.

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